Microlocs VIRTUAL Consultation

45 mins$60

SESSION MUST BE PAID to confirm appointment. An invoice is sent after you reserve your appointment and it is confirmed when payment is received.  If additional time is needed, a new session will need to be booked and paid.  Please expect a video call at the time booked.  Please check your email address used to book this appointment to make sure if a link was sent to join the call. DUAL CONSULT This consultation is done by Neo and Syreeta of Microlocs of Orlando.  We will educate you on the processes of installing microlocs, how to take care of them, which method would work best for you and the cost involved in getting them done. The following video platform is used for your consultation.  A meeting link will be sent prior to the appointment start time. - Zoom Other approved platforms that may be requested beforehand: - Google Meet - Instagram Video Chat